NCG Workshop on Creating Interactive Online Maps

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
November 5, 2020

Notice: This workshop will take place online. This workshop is funded by NCG Talent Program 2020 and is free of charge for everyone. This workshop will be a parallel session of the NCG Symposium 2020.


Workshop details

Goal: This workshop tries to reduce the gap between owning some map data and publishing an interactive online map.

In the field of geodesy and geo-information, scientists have made a lot of multi-scale maps for different purposes. These maps are important for people to access the geographical information. Quite often, people need to download the map data and visualize it via a piece of software, which is inconvenient and uninteractive. It would be much easier for people to obtain the geographical information if the map would be published online and would be interactive (e.g., OpenStreetMap). However, extra technologies and knowledge are needed to make available the interactive online maps.

This workshop will consist of two parts: presentations and exercises. I will organize about four presentations. Among them, my colleague and/or me will give a talk to show our technology of implementing the vario-scale map​. Then, there will be about two exercises so that the participants work on some of the presented technologies. In the first one, I will help participants change the source code of the website page of the vario-scale map so that they know how to configure some settings of the map page. I will guide the participants through using GitHub as a server to host their websites. The second exercise will allow participants to try the technology illustrated in one of the other presentations.

Programme (November 5, 2020)


To register, please send an email to Dongliang Peng ( He might send you some pieces of news about the workshop.

Further information

Please contact Dongliang Peng if you have any further questions or if you want to be give a presentation.

Workshop Organizer

Program Committee